Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Conner Family Reunion 2013

Conner Family Round Up 2013
The 2013 Conner Family Reunion was a huge success! Rex's girls did an amazing job organizing it and everything turned out really nice. Rex and all of his siblings (along with many of the kids and grandkids) were there to join in the fun! We loved every minute with those who were there and missed those who couldn't make it this year. What a great family, we love you all so much!

Rex, Teresa, Janis and Clif

Welcome Y'ALL

A seriously good lookin' bunch!

Tribute to parents and niece

Team Red and Team Blue

Sistas...Janis, Teresa and Lisa

Kimmie, Kailey, Christie and Melissa

Natalie and Spencer

Summer and Kimmie
Jeff and Lori
G-Dad and Lucy making congo bars

Spencer, Cameron, Lucy, Livi and Rex. Cameron was so cute jumping in the pool over and over and Lucy was "so happy" because she was swimming by herself.

A bunch of the gang with Kailey and Melissa in the center. Awesome cousin time!

Melissa and Kimmie preparing games

Mike and Teresa making a yummy breakfast for the gang!
Lydia, Livi and Lucy (3 of our 4 grandkids)

sweet little cousins playing together

Lydia and Livi holding hands...so cute!
Digging for gold

Natalie and Melissa

horse racing game

Donut eating contest

Men's horse racing...wildly competitive bunch...hilarious!

water volleyball

Mike, Kitty and Krew poolside

Jeff, Davien, Craig and Kayson

Charles and Clif

Clif, Natalie, Christie, Preston, Spencer and Kayson discussing the purpose of life (with Rex, Lisa and Mike)

Janis, Bria, Teresa and Mike

Krew and Craig
Happy 72nd birthday, Barry!

Colby and Kailey

Tyler, Bria and Summer


Colby and Alex



Lucy, Livi, Lydia and Cameron (our 4 grandkids)

Lydia, Lucy and Daniel


  1. It looks like you had a great time!! Great pictures and memories :)

  2. GREAT Job!!! Love that you got so many great pictures!!